Article (conference paper) publication fee

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 Article (conference paper) publication fee in UniLibNSD

The costs related to quality publications in open access UniLibNSD are covered by the article processing charge (APC) and may be paid by the authors, their institutions, or research funders.

APCs are collected only after the conference paper has been accepted for publication, and the author receives a notification from the editors. The fee will not be charged for rejected articles (before or after peer review).

Prices are listed in two different currencies and are exclusive of any local taxes.

Publication policies

We would like the authors from different continents, both high-income and less developed ones, to have the opportunity to publish in UniLibNSD.

Therefore, in 2022 we offer our esteemed authors a model of APC payment based on the World Bank data GDP per capita. ( )

The basic fee of 6-8 pages (font Times New Roman 12pt) is given in the table below. The fee for each additional page is $5.

  GDP per capita*

  The fee

  <5000 $

    70 $

  5 000 $ – 10 000 $

    100 $

  >10000 $

    130 $


    2000 UAH