For Reviewers

Dear reviewers,

Thank you for your efforts and experience in reviewing. It would be impossible to maintain high standards of publishing research results without it.

The conference materials are reviewed, but this process is loyal. We take into account the fact that based on the conference paper the author will be able to publish a more extended and detailed article in an influential journal in the future.

The review should be confidential. Please, do not disclose the article for review to a third party.

We do not have detailed instructions on reviewing the conference papers, but we expect you to evaluate them according to originality, structure, previous research, and ethical issues.

When recommending an article, consider the categories that the editor is most likely to use to classify the article.

  1. Reject (explain the reason in the report)
  2. Take without reviewing
  3. Review (primary or secondary).

Reviewers have enough time (up to 6 weeks) to review the articles. It is their responsibility to notify the editorial board if they can’t make a review prior to the specified deadline.