The Specifics of the Elective “School of Leadership” Using Repositories of Online Resources




leadership, leader, leadership competence, leadership potential, elective, libraries, repository, online resources, applicant


Objective. Modern online library resources play an important role in the organisation and conduct of the School of Leadership elective. The purpose of this study is to consider the peculiarities of conducting the elective “School of Leadership” for applicants using online resource repositories. Methods. A comprehensive approach to the study of the problem led to the use of such theoretical research methods as the analysis of philosophical, pedagogical, psychological and sociological literature to identify the specifics of leadership and leadership competence, the analysis of repositories of online resources, synthesis, comparison, generalization of various scientific approaches to the basic concepts of the study and determination of the specifics of the organization and conducting the elective “School of leadership”. Results. The work clarifies the essence of the concepts “leadership competence”, “elective”, “elective class”, discloses the peculiarities of organization and conduct, main tasks, content modules, organizational and pedagogical conditions of the elective “School of leadership”. The work describes the knowledge and skills that students will be able to improve and develop thanks to a properly planned and organized elective using the resources of online repositaries. Particular attention is paid to the features of ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the elective for the formation of students’ leadership competence and the content of the elective “School of leadership”, which depends on the achievement of the set goal, aims and tasks for the development of student-leaders. Conclusions. The main results that were obtained within the framework of this scientific research should be considered the substantiation of the concept of “elective” and the description of the specifics of the organization and the conducting of the elective “School of leadership” for students. The results of this scientific research, as well as the conclusions formulated on their basis, are of practical value for scientists, teachers of educational institutions, psychologists and other specialists who are engaged in the study of leadership problems and the formation of leadership competence and the search for effective methods, means and forms of work for the development of applicants’ leadership potential.

Author Biographies

N. O. MYKYTENKO, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (Lviv, Ukraine)

Nataliya Mykytenko,
Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences,
Head of the Department of Foreign Languages

A. M. KOTLOVSKYI, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (Lviv, Ukraine)

Andriy Kotlovskyi,
PhD. in Pedagogy,
Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages..


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